Introduction to Gongs and Sound Therapy 

Date 30 th October 2022

1 Day workshop  

An Introductory day with Heidi Gerrard and Tracy Gilmour  where you will be immersed into 

the beautiful sounds of the singing bowls and gongs.  You will experience the benefits of the sacred instruments and have a chance to explore lots of different gongs, tibetan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls, learning and experimenting with different playing techniques 

Sunday 30 th October 2022


Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road. Birmingham B13 8AB

Cost £85


07725 956370

Sound therapy can help a broad range of health issues.  Our bodies vibrate at different frequencies.  Stress, anxiety, depression and disease can cause our organs and cells to vibrate at non optimal frequencies.  Sound therapy can bring the body back into balance.  The more you work with or relax to  the  sounds of the gong you find it easier to reach alpha brainwaves which is between and 8 and 12 Hz, this is where we feel deep feelings of relaxation and daydreaming  this state is followed by theta brainwaves which fall between 4 and 7 Hz this is where we are taken into a deep meditation or REM sleep

Most people come out of the gong bath feeling extremely relaxed and de-stressed, the more you do the more you begin to relax more with lots of added benefits  

 Gong and Sound Therapy can help with

  • Deep state of relaxation

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Increase mental clarity and brain function

  • Increases physical energy and mental concentration

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Balances the left and right hand side of the brain

  • Decreases exhaustion, depression and body pain

  • Helps people with learning difficulties ADHD, ASD, /dyslexia, dyspraxia and Specialist needs

  • Alters our brainwaves into a meditative state

  • Removes blockages of stagnant energy

  • Promotes better sleep patterns

  • Meditation 

  • Looks after our mental health and wellbeing 

  • Help us Switch off and slows down an overactive mind