Yoga & Mindfulness for Schools & Nurseries

We provide classes in schools and nurseries across Coventry and Warwickshire developing a specialised programme which works alongside the school curriculum to meet the needs of the children. Benefits can be seen in pupil behaviour, values, wellbeing and educational output.

  • Improves confidence.

  • Improves concentration.

  • Improves co-ordination.

  • Improves strength, flexibility and fitness.

  • Teach children how to relax and cope with stress.

  • Builds confidence and self esteem.

Age Groups


Story telling and yoga to music, developing creativity and self-awareness – linked to healthy eating.

4 – 7 years 

Fun, interactive yoga which improves children’s self-confidence and creativity while working on their strength, flexibility, balance and overall health and well being.

8 – 12 years

Fun, creative yoga practice incorporating yoga partner work and traditional poses to help build a strong flexible body and help relaxation through mindful practice and enable children to destress and build their self esteem.



Partner work and yoga gym brings strength and flexibility to a new level which aids additional sporting avenues while helping focus concentration and balance. Teen yoga also provides mindful practice which can help with stressful situations and emotional awareness (exam times).


For more information or to book a class please contact us on 07725 956370

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